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Warfare 2017 Event Report

Warfare 2017 Event Report
with Allan Graham

Team Yankee was this year's focus for Aylesbury Wargames Club's annual outing to the Warfare show in Reading.

This demonstration/participation game's purpose was twofold.

1. To show off Team Yankee in all its glory on an 8x6 table with 120 points of British vs East Germans.

2. To finish off our Red Thunder Campaign, with this as the final game. Although the Warsaw Pact had already won the campaign, the Brits could restrict them to a Strategic Victory if they held the line.

Appropriately, the mission was No Retreat with a multiple formation British company trying to hold our fictional town (representing the outskirts of Cologne for our campaign)  from an East German T-72M hoard backed up with some not so sexy but nonetheless effective East German support.

As usual, the East Germans charged forward over relatively open ground, going for a pincer attack with two flanks of tanks and a large infantry company down the centre.

Warfare 2017 Event Report

Warfare 2017 Event Report

The Brits then popped their ambush, Chieftains hidden in the treeline on a hill, but they totally failed to make their shots count, although the British Milans were starting to rack up a few kills.

Next turn, the T72Ms were not so kind and the Chieftains started to fall as the East Germans pushed up.

Warfare 2017 Event Report

Warfare 2017 Event Report

More poor air & reserve rolls meant the Brits were starting to panic, although they kept chipping away with their infantry weapons.

In the centre, the BMPs & infantry were now making contact and the sheer weight of numbers was beginning to tell.

Warfare 2017 Event Report

Warfare 2017 Event Report

Even the Harriers & Chieftain reserves arriving next turn was not enough to stop the tide.

Finally, after a couple more turns the inevitable happened and an objective fell to the East Germans.

A full day's gaming meant we had time to chat to the numerous passers-by about the game, models and terrain and several people joining in where they fancied it.

Warfare 2017 Event Report

For our final Red Thunder campaign game this meant yet another Warsaw Pact victory and ensured the Warsaw Pact were now well into the Netherlands and had an Operational victory(60 points) overall. 

For more pictures of the game go here...

Aylesbury Wargames club

Aylesbury Wargames club is a small friendly club and give any visitors or would be members a warm welcome. We currently meet on a Friday evening from 7.30 till late at Haydon Hill Community Centre, Dickens Way, Aylesbury, HP19 8SR.

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Warfare is the annual show of the Wargames Association of Reading held in the Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading and is always a hive of activity with 1000's of attendees, numerous traders, competitions and demo/participation games.  


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