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UH-1D Slick Templates UH-1D Slick Templates

The UH-1D Huey Slick is one of the most iconic vehicles of the Vietnam Conflict.  Because Slicks have been out of stock for the last several weeks, we wanted to make sure Vietnam players who need the ubiquitous choppers could get their troops to the LZ!  To that end, we’ve devised a stopgap solution until the Choppers are able to reach store shelves (Which should be in the next few weeks!).
To that end, we’ve devised a 1:1 scale printout of the Slicks, available for free. We know this isn’t half as cool as having a platoon of Slicks landing on your table top, but hope it will tide you over!
Tour Of Duty
The Vietnam War defined a generation, whether it was through service in Vietnam or opposition to the war. The war in Vietnam remains one the bloodiest wars since the Second World War.

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The UH-1D In The Vietnam War
The most widely used military helicopter, the Bell UH-1 series Iroquois, better known as the Huey, began arriving in Vietnam in 1963. Before the end of the conflict, more than 5,000 of these versatile aircraft were introduced into Southeast Asia. "Hueys" were used for MedEvac, command and control, and air assault; to transport personnel and materiel; and as gunships. 

Download a PDF version of the UH-1D Slick Template sheet here (.pdf format; 12MB; right click, save as)...

Right: An example of the UH-1D template sheet.
UH-1D Slick Templates
How To Use The UH-1D Template Sheet
Step 1. Print out a copy of the template sheet. Step 2. Find yourself a pair of nice, sharp scissors.
UH-1D Slick Templates UH-1D Slick Templates
Step 3. Cut-out each of the UH-1D templates. Step 4. Find a piece of good quality cardboard and a glue stick.
UH-1D Slick Templates UH-1D Slick Templates
Step 5. Glue each template to the cardboard. Step 6. Cut-out the templates from the backing cardboard.
UH-1D Slick Templates UH-1D Slick Templates
Step 7. Mark the template so you can keep track of the status of each Slick during game play. Step 8. Hit the LZ!
UH-1D Slick Templates UH-1D Slick Templates

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