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More Units

JBX04 Kihei Company
Contains a Kihei Platoon (Cavalry Platoon) and Kihei Chutai HQ (Cavalry Company Headquarters) with four Cavarly MG teams, a Command Cavalry Sword team, a 2iC Cavalry Command Sword team and a Company Command Cavalry Sword team. Options to field Banners or Regimental Standard included.
USD 37.00

JBX01 Hohei Chutai Hohei Chutai, with two platoons
Price: USD 54.00   
JP704 Hohei Machine-gun Platoon Hohei Machine-gun Platoon, with two sections
Price: USD 13.00   
FW304 Rising Sun Rising Sun, 116pg Softback
Price: USD 20.00