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Panzerschreck XVII Report Panzerschreck XVII Report
with Tom Robertson.

This year the 17th Flames of War tournament ran Early War using the new 4th Edition rules. 16 teams played 5 games over the Saturday and Sunday, in the usual beautiful Manawatu weather - sunshine!  The same could not be said for the few days leading up to the weekend with roads closed due to a country-wide storm, with snow and ice, resulting in some interesting detours & extended travel times for those brave enough to still attend.

Games commenced on time Saturday morning deploying the new Battle Plans system supplied by Battlefront, this certainly made it easier for us the organisers as we didn't have to arrange missions beforehand.

Feedback from the players will be sought to determine how successful it was and if anything could be changed to improve it further, although there were no complaints that we heard during the weekend.

Download a PDF version of the Flames Of War More Missions pack including the Battle Plans system here...

Panzerschreck XVII Report

Congratulations to all the Place Winners and their prizes were all well deserved. The armies were painted to a high standard overall but there was the odd semi finished army - I wonder if the players ran out of "last night before tourny" time to complete their armies?! 

Determining the winning Best Painted Army was not an easy task though, as so many were of such a high standard.

Panzerschreck XVII Report

Cameron and Andrew
1st place.

Panzerschreck XVII Report

Chris and Casey
2nd place.

Panzerschreck XVII Report

Tony and Russell
3rd place.

Panzerschreck XVII Report

Tom and Alex
Best Sports.

Panzerschreck XVII Report

Best Painted.

Panzerschreck XVII Report

2nd place Best Painted.

The organisers supplied the usual war gaming tournament food of pies, bacon sandwiches, steak sandwiches and sausages and bread plus lots of free coffee and tea, oh and chocolate bars. The only hiccup was late Saturday when the event toilets blocked up, requiring some multi-phone work to get sorted, which it was thank goodness! 

Panzerschreck XVII Report

Panzerschreck XVII Report Panzerschreck XVII Report

The Manawatu Duellists would like to thank Battlefront for their generous support again this year with some great prizes and also a thank you to Scott Bowman from Paraparaumu Beach Pharmacy (they sell toy soldiers too!) for some gift vouchers, which I believe were promptly spent back at Scott’s stall. So another great tournament despite the weather and the plumbings best efforts to derail us, so now it is onto planning for next year and the XVIII Games…

~ Tom.

Panzerschreck XVII Report

Behind Enemy Lines Event Report
Can you believe that the Behind Enemy Lines team has just finished up their 4th trip to Palmerston North to attend the oldest Flames of War tournament on earth?!

Find out more about their trip here...

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