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Welcome to the Flames Of War Website. Here you can find information on the entire range of Flames Of War Miniatures, Rules and Accessories, as well as Event Information, Gaming News and Hobby Tips.

Avanti: Italian Forces In North Africa 1942-43

Click here to view the entire Mid War Italian range from Avanti...
Armoured Fist Design Notes

Armoured Fist Book Spotlight
Armoured Fist is the next step for the British Army in Flames Of War. It takes the forces from Desert Rats and expands them to include the Valentine and Churchill infantry tanks and the Sherman heavy tank, as well as a powerful rifle company and a few new support options.

Armoured Fist Book Spotlight...

Check out Armoured Fist in the online store here...

Armoured Fist Pre-orders Now Open...

Battlefront UK Open Day: UPDATED
June 30th 2018 Cleve Lodge, Long Eaton, Derbyshire NG10, UK.

Come and meet the team, have a look behind the scenes, find out what we have been working on, as well as playing some of our games, from Flames of War to Doctor Who, it will all be there and much more to check out.

Join Peter, John-Paul, John Matthews and the rest of the UK office for a day of fun. We will even have some fantastic swag for attendees so make sure you book your leave passes now!

Show Stall

Full details of the event are now up detailing the events and games and even a few teases. Tickets for the Battlefront UK Open Day are also now up for sale.

Tickets are available here....

Click here for more information on the Battlefront UK Open Day...

V4 Flames Of War 

V4: 12 Months, 8 Books and Counting
A year ago we launched V4 to the world. It was the culmination of many man hours of work throughout the Design Studio, and the entire company. It was fair to say that like all new products that we release there was a mix of excitement and trepidation about how it would be received, especially given the (literally) game changing nature of V4. Now we find ourselves 12 months down the track with tens of thousands of games having been played and more tweets, comments and posts than we could ever hope to track, as well as small mountain of books and models in the hands of new players. We wanted to take a assessment on where V4 sits right now and where we thought it was going, and of course share it with you, our community.

V4: 12 Months, 8 Books and Counting...

Russian Grand Tournament 2018
The first Russian GT FoW gathered 26 players from 5 countries: Portugal, Serbia, Poland, Belarus and Russia. We played 5 games over 2 days at the greatest place we could have dreamt of – the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, or the Victory Museum. After the tourney, a tour in English was organized for the foreign guests.

Russian Grand Tournament 2018 Flames Of War...

Russian Grand Tournament 2018 Flames of War

How to Find Tabletop Gamers
Atom Smasher (go subscribe to his channel if you haven’t already) in conjunction with his co-workers has built an app specifically designed to help you find all the places that you can go in your local area to game, whether it be a miniatures game like Flames Of War, a roleplaying game like D&D or a boardgame. Anyone fancy a game of Firefly?

Find out more about the app GameFor here…

M14/41 or Semovente Platoon (Plastic)
The M14/41 is excellent against enemy infantry. It has plenty of machine-gun firepower and an effective high-explosive round for engaging anti-tank guns. The Semovente mounted the 75mm howitzer on the chassis of the M14/41 tank. The Semovente mounts a bigger gun, and  is also more heavily armoured, thanks to no longer needing a turret.

M14/41 or Semovente Platoon (Plastic) (IBX14)...

M14/41 or Semovente Platoon (IBX14)

90mm on Lancia Battery (IBX15)

90mm on Lancia Battery
The Royal Army developed truck-mounted guns in the First World War to make moving heavy artillery easier. They continued this trend with the new 90/53 long-barrelled 90mm heavy antiaircraft gun, mounting it on a Lancia Ro truck along with numerous outriggers to stabilise it when firing.

Although large, the resulting vehicle provides the artillery arm with a mobile, high-velocity, dual-purpose anti-aircraft/anti-tank weapon.

90mm on Lancia Battery (IBX15)...

AB41 Armoured Car Platoon
As a wheeled armoured car, the AB41 is very fast on hard surfaces, although less mobile in difficult terrain. Its 20mm gun is effective against enemy armoured cars, allowing it to drive off enemy reconnaissance to protect their own force's advance.

AB41 Armoured Car Platoon (IBX16)...

AB41 Armoured Car Platoon (IBX16)

L6/40 Light Tank Platoon (IBX17)

L6/40 Light Tank Platoon
The L6/40 was designed as an infantry-support tank, so is well armoured for such a tiny vehicle, giving it a distinct advantage over the lighter Allied armoured cars.

While its 20mm gun is an effective weapon, having the commander act as gunner and loader limits how well it can be used.

L6/40 Light Tank Platoon (IBX17)...

Avanti Unit Cards
For a limited time only the Avanti Unit Card Pack will be available. The pack contains one of each Unit Card that relates the book. These packs have been designed to assist existing players that have already bought our miniatures and built their armies under previous editions and want cards to help transition to V4.

Avanti Unit Cards (FW243U)...

Avanti Unit Cards (FW244U)

Firestorm Stripes

 Firestorm Stripes

Firestorm: Stripes
Last year we ran our successful Firestorm: Red Thunder campaign where we played out the first phases of the Soviet invasion of Western Europe. 

Red Thunder was always planned to be the first installment of the campaign and now we are preparing for the NATO counterattack with Firestorm: Stripes.

European forces have been marshalling their troops and rallying their reserves, whilst the US troops have received a massive influx of new units. The NATO forces are almost ready to strike back and push the Soviets from West Germany.

The Firestorm: Stripes Campaign has now launched. Are your troops ready to go to war?

Find out more about Firestorm: Stripes here...

Firestorm: Stripes Prizes
For those of you that participated in the Firestorm: Red Thunder Campaign you will know that we gave away from cool gaming swag. Well we are going it all over again for the Firestorm: Stripes Campaign. A few lucky stores and clubs around the world will receive prizes for participating and entering their results into the Global Campaign hosted by the team at Beasts Of War.

Find out about the Firestorm: Stripes Prizes here...

Firestorm Stripes
Firestorm Stripes  Weekly Prize Winner!
Congratulations to Captain Spuds
Not only are there are amazing limited edition prizes up for grabs there are also weekly prizes for participating in the campaign hosted by Beasts of War. Every player that creates an account goes into the draw to win a Team Yankee Army Deal (and book) so you can start building your second (or third...) army.

Want to increase your chances of winning? Play some games. For each game you log in the system you will automatically receive an additional entry in to the random draw. It really is that simple.Captain Spuds, we will be in touch shortly!
Featured Battle Reports
Firestorm Battle Reports

In addition to the Weekly Draws we also have prizes each week for any Featured Battle Reports we highlight on the Team Yankee website

This week we have two featured Battle Reports from our Firestorm: Stripes Campaign. Terror's battle report looked like it was straight out of a Commando comic and who cannot appreciate that!

Check out Terror's Battle Report here...

Firestorm Stripes 
Firestorm Stripes 

Our second featured Battle Report comes from Stingray.

Stingray's report caught our eye not so much because of the action, but because of the outstanding table layout. Don't be surprised if you see a cloverleaf motorway arrangement in some of the Studio games happening soon!

Check out Stingray's report here...

We will be in touch in the next few days to arrange your prizes and we are looking forward to your next reports.

T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie (Plastic) (TEBX03)
Of the 2100 T-55 tanks supplied to NVA by the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, nearly 300 were upgraded to the T-55AM2 standard.The T-55AM2 was fitted with a modern fire control system with a ballistic calculator, calculating such things as air pressure, air temperature, the weight of ammunition, reduced velocity for tube wear, and so on. It was also fitted with a laser rangefinder.

T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie (Plastic) (TEBX03)...

T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie (Plastic) (TEBX03)

Counter-Air Defense In Team Yankee

Counter-Air Defense In Team Yankee
Air power in Team Yankee comes in two forms, attack aircraft Close Air Support (CAS) and attack helicopters Close Combat Attack (CCA). Both can be devastating but must first clear the Anti-Aircraft defences or Counter-Air Defence of the enemy. The focus of this article is to look at what units are the most effective at Counter-Air Defence. This serves both sides as it also defines priority targets for SEAD – Suppression of Enemy Air Defence.

Counter-Air Defense In Team Yankee...

Italian Tanks Preview
This April will see the Italian Army join TANKS, bringing their own flavour as well as a dash of recklessness to the table top. With two new tanks; the M14/41 medium tank and the Semovente self-propelled assault gun players will be able to field a completely Italian force.

Italian Tanks Preview...

Italian Tanks Preview


'Nam: The Vietnam Minatures Game
The Vietnam War (or the American War to the Vietnamese) defined a generation, whether it was through service in Vietnam or opposition to the war. The war in Vietnam, fought nearly half a century ago, remains one of the longest and bloodiest wars since the Second World War. 

Despite its popular depiction as a guerrilla war of endless patrols and small ambushes, both sides were constantly looking for decisive victories in large-scale battles. This book allows you to recreate some of these battles on the tabletop using the popular Team Yankee miniature wargaming rules.

In celebration of the launch of 'Nam there is a 25% discount in the store. Head on over now and check it out!

'Nam Website...
'Nam Store...

'Nam Book Preview

'Nam Book Preview 
Vietnam. In a small corner of the world, one of the most bloody wars to be fought occurred in this small country in Southeast Asia. Traditionally framed as a war of small skirmishes, long patrols, and guerilla ambushes, there is a lot more that happened such as full-scale offensives and pitched battles.The US and its allies have all the advantages of mobility and firepower. The ubiquitous Huey helicopter has become a symbol the war itself as it carries troops into battle and unloads fire on the enemy. Heavily armed flotillas sail up the windy Mekong Delta, heavy tanks and M113 ‘tracks’ bash their way through the jungle searching for enemy strongpoints, and resolute ‘grunts’ hold firebases against fierce enemy assaults….

'Nam Book Preview (over on the new 'Nam website)...
Order the 'Nam Book and Unit Card Packs here...

'Nam Now On Flames Of War Digital
You can now download ‘Nam on the Flames Of War Digital App. 

Find out how to download the app from the iTunes Store (iPad only) or the Google Play Store here…

'Nam Now On Flames Of War Digital


Behind Enemy Lines

Back into the Desert - Armoured Fist Review
Behind Enemy Lines is taking a look at the newest Mid-war book, Armoured Fist. We get a look a the Valentine tank and the Death or Glory Troop and their personal fave pick from the book 

Back into the Desert - Armoured Fist Review...

Armoured Fist - The Big Reveal
Mark over on Breakthrough Assault drops the shades on Armoured Fist, the next book for British in Mid-war. In it he takes a look at new formations as well as the options that are opened up by new models. They've also written a bit of a love letter to the Churchill with some historical background on the tank and a few of the ways to use in your Flames Of War games. Check them both out!

Armoured Fist- The Big Reveal...

The Undisputed King Of The Desert - Churchills In Armoured Fist...

Breakthrough Assault

No Dice, No Glory

Armoured Fist - Reviewed and Spoiled
No Dice, No Glory with Tom take a look at our next book in Mid-war, Armoured Fist. They go over the new options in the book with the new tanks and Infantry Company getting a mention

Armoured Fist – Reviewed and Spoiled...

Battlefront Forum Update
Three weeks ago we announced that we intended on making changes to the way that we interacted with our community and that our plan was to move away from the forums and focus our efforts on the various social media outlets that are now intertwined with everyday life.

We've taken your feedback on board and updated the information on this page.

Battlefront Forum Update...


Churchill Tank Deployed

Armoured Fist: Churchill Tanks Deployed
This is going to be another amazing year for Mid War players with the much anticipated release of Avanti next month where M14/41 tanks and Semovente SP guns will return to the battlefield. In April our British players will be able to reinforce their armies with impressive Churchill, as well as Valentines, Shermans and Priests thanks to the release of Armoured Fist. Later this year we will also be turning our attention to the Eastern Front as the skilful German army goes head to head with the might of Mother Russia!

Good news for Flames Of War Digital users, check out the updated article!

Armoured Fist: Churchill Tanks Deployed... 

The Battlefront Team Needs You!
The Battlefront Group are looking for new team members in both the American and European offices. If you think you have what it takes to join a fast paced dynamic company then have a look at the roles available below:

  • Customer Service Representative / Direct Sales (USA)
  • Account Manager (USA)
  • Account Manager (Europe)

Job Opportunity at Battlefront Maryland

For more information and contact details click here...

Adepticon Nationals Update (2018)

Adepticon Nationals Update (2018)
We are pleased to announce that we have procured additional tables and seats at the sold-out Adepticon Nationals. Come join us before these are gone as well!

Click here to see the full tournament details...

Devil's Charge March 2018 
Qualifiers held 24 March, Semi Finals held 31 March 2018 held 24 - 25 March 2018 at Blk 3 Queens Road, #06-143, Singapore 260003.
Blitz and Peaces is holding a Team Yankee Tournament. Games will be 92 points with prizes for the best Soviet General, best Nato General, best painted and the best sportsman

Click here for more information...

Blitz & Peaces

UK Battlefront Open Tournament

UK Battlefront Open Tournament 2018 
held 24 - 25 March 2018 at Boards & Swords Store, 3 Jubilee Parkway, Jubilee Business Park, Stores Road, Derby DE21 4BJ, UK.

Taking place at Boards & Swords is a Flames of War Late-war and Mid-War tournament. For Mid-war, lists will be 100 points and taken from Desert RatsAfrika KorpsFighting First and Avanti.

For Late-war Army lists will be 1780 points and taken from any army from the Armies Of Late-war book. Games will be played over the two days with lunch being served on both days.

Click here for more information...

DayCon Flames of War Tournament
held 7th April 2018 at Rona Banquet Hall, 1043 Rona Parkway. Fairborn, Ohio 45324, USA
Anthony Burger is hosting a Flames Of War Mid War Tournament. Lists will be 100 points with up to two formations with Allied formations allowed. See below for full details of the events and games being played on the day. Get in contact below to get a place.

For more information, website and registration click here...
Daycon Event Facebook page...
Full Flames Of War Tournament Details (word doc)...

Daycon 2018

Bag Of Bones Wargaming

Bag Of Bones Wargaming - Plymouth - Operation Coastal Pioneer
held 21st and 22nd April 2018 at Kings Tamerton Community Centre & Social Club, Newton Avenue, Plymouth, Devon, PL52BU, UK
Bag Of Bones Wargames is a Flames Of War, Late-War Tournament with forces totaling no more than 1650. Games will be set up to have as many Axis vs Allies match ups as possible. Five games will played over the two days. Check the PDF and/or the Bag Of Bones Facebook event below for full details

Bag Of Bones Wargaming Weekender Plymouth Facebook Event... 

Bag Of Bones Wargaming-Plymouth - Operation Coastal Pioneer (pdf)...

Russian Team Yankee Grand Tournament 2018
held 19 - 20 May 2018 at Geek Wars Store, 5-y Monetchikovskiy per., 3?1, Moscow 115054, Russian Federation.
Voevoda club, in collaboration with Battlefront Miniatures, proudly announces the first of its Russian Team Yankee Grand Tournaments. The event will be a competition open to one and all and will be held at the Geek Wars store in Moscow.

It will be 75 points and open to all Team Yankee lists (including those digitally available) without any additional restrictions for army building rules.

Stay up to date with the latest information with the forum thread here...

Grand Tournament 2018

Battle Rankings

3rd Annual Flames Of War North American Team Championship
held 2 - 3 June 2018 at Legions Hobbies and Games, 1130 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, USA.
Battle Rankings is hosting the 3rd annual Flames Of War North American Team Championship. Games are v4 Early War with five rounds over the two days and are providing lunch over the two days. See the website for full details.

3rd Annual Flames of War North American Team Championship...

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?

Gaming Mat

Return Of The Gaming Mat
Last year we released our first Flames Of War double sided gaming mat. Customers with long memories will remember that we suffered from a number of issues outside our control including our manufacturing partner in China pulling a disappearing act, literally packing up their machines and moving without telling anyone.

Now we are ready to release a new version of the mat that incorporates a number of the improvements that customers suggested to us, ranging from some changes to the image on the mat through to how it was packed to avoid creases.

Return Of The Gaming Mat...
Pre-order the new 2018 Gaming Mat here...

Flames Of War Game Night Organised Play Kits
Flames Of War Game Night Kits are a fun way to spice up your normal casual pick-up games at your local store or club. Each week you will face a new opponent or army-list as you hone your skills and your force. Focus your groups local Flames of War meet ups while competing for with your friends for exclusive rewards.

In each Game Night pack you will find everything you need to support a casual, three-month Flames Of War league in your club or store. During this league, players will collect points that go towards earning the exclusive rewards and prizes included in this pack. The three players who score the most points each month will win a monthly prize and the top three players at the end of the league will earn the overall Game Night prize.

Flames Of War Game Night Organised Play Kits...

Game Night Kit

Each Flames Of War Game Night Organised Play Kit will cost USD$25, Euro€25 or GBP£20 and is available to order now. Each kit includes information and supporting material you need to run your Game Night event, along with exclusive prizes only available in this kit.

North American Clubs/Stores click here...
UK and European Clubs/Stores click here...
Rest of the World Clubs/Stores click here...

Building An Italian Tank Company...

Race To The Bridge Scenario...

Winter Sun - Mid-War Tournament...

Hobby Basics...

Avanti Design Notes...

Armoured Fist Product Preview...

Road to the Russian Grand Tournament Flames of War 2018...

Italian Armour and Avanti...

Avanti Forces and Formations...

Taranaki Wars 2018...

Beachhead 2018...

The T19 105mm HMC...

Not Corrivalry 2018...

Las Vegas Open 2018...

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition
Last Updated 28 September 2017
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

This latest update includes a number of recent questions from the forums as well as the updates from Early and Late War Update.

Lessons From The Front: V4 (6 pages; .pdf; 445KB)...
Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly (6 pages; .pdf; 338KB)...

Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war (16 pages; .pdf; 1.4MB)...
Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war - Printer Friendly (16 pages; .pdf; 1.2MB)...

Mid February Releases
Avanti (FW244)
Avanti Command Cards (FW244C)
Lorenzo's Rams (Plastic) (ITAB02)
Avanti Paint Set (CWP150)
Italian Spray Can (CWP250)

Late February Releases
Bersaglieri Rifle Platoon (IT763)
Bersaglieri Weapons Platoon (IT762)
Bersaglieri MG & Mortar Platoons (IT764)
Bersaglieri Assault Engineer Platoon (IT765)
Italian AT Gun Platoon (Plastic) (ITBX18)
Avanti Dice (x20) (IT900)
Avanti Tokens (x21) (IT901)

Flames of War in Store Gaming Kit (FWSGKIT)

Mid March Releases
Italian Cannon Battery (Plastic) (IBX12)
Italian Heavy AA Battery (Plastic (IBX13)
Italian Falco CR42 Flight (IBX19)
Italian Light AA Gun Platoon (IBX20)

Late March Releases
Avanti Unit Cards (FW244U)
Italian M14/41 Tank Platoon (Plastic) (IBX14)
Italian Heavy AA Gun Platoon (IBX15)
Italian Armourced Car Platoon (IBX16)
Italian Light Tank Platoon (IBX17)

Chris, Charlie and Luke

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