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TD015 Deutsches Afrikakorps

TD015 Tokens

Gaming Set
TD015 German Deutsches Afrikakorps
(Desert Yellow with white DAK Palm)

Images of German tanks moving at speed across the barren desert, sand streaming from their tracks scream ‘Afrika Korps’. It is perhaps the most enduring image of the desert war. Every one of your Panzers carries a better gun than its allied equivalent. Combine this with good armour, mobility, and first class crews, and you have a force that will beat any foe one-on-one.

This product is currently out of stock.
TD015 Dice

TD015 Tokens

The set comes with:

1x Ranged In,
4x Gone to Ground,
4x Dug In,
4x Pinned Down,
4x Bogged Down,
and 4x Bailed Out markers.

It also comes with 16 x themed dice.

Like with all our new Gaming Sets we have taken the opportunity to move the Balkankreuz symbol so it is now on the side of the six (rather than the one as with our older dice).

If you see your unit symbol with these dice it’s a good thing!

TD015 Tokens