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Jordanian Gaming Accessories

Fate Of A Nation

Jordanian Gaming Accessories

Jordan was a small country with a relatively small army. Until 1956, the Jordanian Army had been a long-service professional force led by British officers. With the formation of the Jordanian Arab Army, the British were kicked out and the army expanded four-fold. 

Jordanian Objective Set (ATO03)
includes three full-colour Jordanian objective markers.

While it is sometimes easier to simply use a spare large base, these full-colour objectives provide an attractive alternative that really stands out on the tabletop.

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Jordanian Objective Set (ATO03)
Jordanian Token Set (ATK03)
includes 30 full-colour Jordanian gaming tokens.

The Jordanian token set contains 30 full-colour gaming tokens including:

4x Bailed Out tokens; 4x Bogged Down tokens; 4x Dug In tokens; 4x Gone To Ground tokens; 4x Pinned Down tokens; 2x Ranged In tokens; 2x Reorganising tokens; 2x At The Double tokens; 4x Non-Assaulting Team tokens.

Check out the Jordanian Token Set in the online store here...
Jordanian Token Set (ATK03)