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A-4E Skyhawk (VAC02)

A4E Skyhawk (VAC02) A-4E Skyhawk (VAC02)
includes one A-4E Skyhawk with optional weapon upgrades, two rare earth magnets, one Aircraft dice, one Plastic extra-tall flight stand & one Decal sheet.

The Douglas A-4E Skyhawk was a single-engined attack and fighter aircraft that saw extensive service through the 1960s and '70s. With a top speed of 600 miles per hour (970km/h) it could deliver a payload of explosives on top of the enemy with pinpoint accuracy and then vanish before they knew what hit them.

Brown Water Navy
The waterways of the Mekong Delta are busy with sampans, merchants, villages, and farming communities. They are the life blood of South Vietnam, through which over half of the entire country’s rice flows. It is remote with few roads accessing the interior’s rice fields and jungles. The Việt Cộng have launched their liberation movement from within this formidable fortress.

However, the US Army and Navy have come together to create the Mobile Riverine Force, a joint operation of infantry and assault boats. They are reinforced with helicopter gunships, devastating Skyraider aircraft and more. This new force is ready to take the fight upriver.

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Brown Water Navy
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)

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Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie

A4E Skyhawk (VAC02) A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)

The A-4E Skyhawk in Brown Water Navy


To Hit








Fast mover.

Bombs 4+
5 1+  
using Rockets 2+ 4 4+ Optional.
using Napalm 6 - - Optional, BLU-32 Napalm canisters.
using WP bombs - - - Optional, M47 Willie Pete bombs.
using Bomblets 3+ 3 5+ Optional, SUU-14/A Bomblet Dispeners.
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02) A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02) A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)

Painting the A-4E Skyhawk A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)

Decal Sheet
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)
A4E Skyhawk (VAC02)

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