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Fucilieri Panzerschreck team (Late) (ISO132)

Fortress Italy (FW118) Fucilieri Panzerschreck Team (Late) (ISO132)
includes one Panzerschreck team & one Medium four-hole base.

In early 1943 the Germans captured their first US Bazookas in Tunisia and quickly rushed them back to Germany for investigation and testing. They liked what they saw and immediately started work on their own version.

It was decided to make the calibre 8.8cm rather than the 6cm of the Bazooka, which made both the projectile and the weapon heavier than the Bazooka, but gave it more punch.

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As the fortunes of war begun to turn against the Axis powers, the Panzerscreck found its way into the hands of Germany's allies. These included the Italians force fighting in their homeland.

Designed by Evan Allen
Fucilieri Panzerschreck Team (Late) (ISO132)

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