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M11/39 (IT030)

M11/39 Platoon (IBX05)

M11/39 (IT030)
with one M11/39 tank and Commander.

The M11/39 was the first M series tank built for the Italian Army. The first prototype was completed in 1937 and the vehicle was accepted for service in the following year. The vehicle was armed with a limited traverse 37/40 gun mounted in the right side and  two 8mm Breda machine-guns mounted in a turret that provided a 360 degree field of fire.

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Manned by three man crew; a commander/turret gunner, gunner for the 37/40 gun and a driver, the M11/39 was powered by a 125HP Fiat V8 diesel engine. 

"The Fiat-Ansaldo M11/39 was designed as a Medium tank and saw service during Italy’s invasion of Egypt. Its 37mm gun mounted in a fixed position on the hull was designed to engage enemy targets to the front, whilst the turret mounted twin machine-guns could protect it from infantry attacks."
Protection for the crew was provided by armour plate up to 30mm thick that was either bolted or riveted onto the steel frame of the vehicle. The vehicle was also fitted with a number of pistol ports, allowing the crew to fire their sidearms from inside the tank if enemy infantry go to close.

The M11/39 first saw action with the Italian Army in July 1940 after being deployed in Libya. However, the tactics used to employ the vehicles in action were questionable at best and the shortcoming of the tank soon became apparent on the battlefield; mainly due to the lack of an onboard radio and the hull mounted 37/40 gun. A number of these vehicles were captured by British and Commonwealth forces and used by the 6th Divisional Cavalry Regiment.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Bob Pearce

M11/39 Platoon (IBX05)
The M11/39 in Flames Of War
Equipment and Notes
Slow Tank
Twin MG, Unreliable
37/40 gun
24"/60cm 2
Hull mounted
"The M11/39 is rated as a Slow Tank and can only move 8"/20cm normally or 16"/40cm At the Double."
M11/39 Platoon (IBX05) M11/39 Platoon (IBX05)
“The M11/39 is rated as Unreliable. This must be taken into account if you plan on moving At the Double to take advantage of its extra movement or try moving into rough terrain. Either can lead to the vehicle breaking down.”
M11/39 Platoon (IBX05) M11/39 Platoon (IBX05)
"The turret of the M11/39 has a Twin MG. A Twin MG functions as a standard vehicle MG but has ROF 4 when firing on its own or ROF if any other guns shoot at the same time."
M11/39 Platoon (IBX05)
M11/39 Platoon (IBX05)
"The 37/40 gun is hull mounted. The field of fire of a hull mounted gun includes everything in front of a line across the front of the vehicle's hull."
M11/39 Platoon (IBX05) M11/39 Platoon (IBX05)
The M11/39 Platoon Patrols in the Desert
M11/39 Platoon (IBX05)

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