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Beach obstacles (XX701)

Stakes (Hochpfahlen) XX701 Beach Obstacles

The Beach Obstacles pack contains two different types of obstacle as found confronting the Allies on D-Day.

Beach Obstacles
Stakes (Hochpfahlen): These were the most common obstacles encountered on the beaches of Normandy. They consisted of wooden or metal stakes tipped with Teller mines. These were driven into the beach sand below the high-tide mark to destroy incoming landing craft and vehicles.   
The pack contains six wooden and six metal stakes.

Stakes (Hochpfahlen)
Stakes (Hochpfahlen) Stakes (Hochpfahlen)
Ramp with steel teeth (Stahlmesser) Ramps (Hemmbalk): These beam obstructions were designed to disable or destroy landing craft. The beam ramped upwards towards the beach and was mounted on two more study beams.

Each ramp was either armed with steel teeth (Stahlmesser) or Teller mines.

The landing craft would ride up the ramp and either be ripped apart by the teeth or destroyed by the exploding mine.

The ramps were also designed to tip the landing craft over. The pack contains six ramps, three with steel teeth and three with Teller mines. 

Ramp with Teller mines
Ramp with steel teeth (Stahlmesser) Ramp with steel teeth (Stahlmesser)
Ramp with Teller mines Ramp with Teller mines
Ramp with Teller mines Designed by Evan Allen and Dale Pepperell.
Painted by Jeremy Painter

Used on some beach terrain
Used on some beach terrain

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