"La Nueve" Gets Some Detail

La Nueve Project

Genesis of an Army:
Painting "La Nueve"
By Mike Haught

As week four rolled by, I realised that I hadn't spent a lot of time with "La Nueve". I found myself at the point in a project where you really don't want to keep going, but you're not quite sick of the project yet. I needed a little inspiration and it turns out that all I needed was a side project: a platoon of Panthers!

So, I mixed in a German platoon to add a little colour to my painting schedule. After working on that for a few hours, I felt ready to work on "La Nueve"!

Then, I put bush to model on the La Nueve project and brought them up to the pre-superdetail stage.

La Nueve Project

I wanted to bring the vehicles up to what I call the "Decal Stage" when I'll add decals (obviously), stowage and crew. This included a quick dry-brush followed by painting tracks, tools and internal details.

I dusted each vehicle with a very light dry-brush of Dry Dust (FWP364) to pick out details. I followed this up with a light magic wash using Vallejo's Smoke (939). Smoke is a great wash to use when you are going for a gritty look because it  is brown and contains very fine particulates. This adds the level of oil and grime present on all tanks and trucks in operation.

La Nueve Project

Next, I moved onto the tracks and wheels because once you have those done, the model starts looking like the real thing. I used Panzer Grey (FWP303) for the rubber tracks and wheels and Dark Gunmetal (FWP480) for the track-links. For the tools, I used Dark Gunmetal and Battlefield brown (FWP324) for the handles.

I just noticed in the picture to the left that I could really use some help painting wheels... Anyway, something to fix. A wise painter once told me that all painting is is a series of correcting mistakes until you're done. Makes messing up easier to cope with!

la Nueve Project

After Casey took the picture to the right, I noticed that not only do I fail at painting wheels, but can't I actually glue them on properly. Seriously, the Greyhound armored car is really designed to be idiot proof, but apparently not Mike-proof...

I wonder how labor-intensive it will be to fix them?

La Nueve Project
 La Nueve Project
Interestingly, the Priest is proving to be my favorite vehicle in this army. I'm looking forward to finishing them up with crew, stowage and other details!
La Nueve Project

End of Week 4!

Ive got another lot of half-tracks and a few shermans to get up to this stage before piling into the detail work! Then, I'm on to the infantry! 

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