Adapting to 1420 Points

Tournament Series 2016 Adapting to 1420 Points
With David Griffin, Brian Sayman and Matthew Maggitti from Battlefront US

It’s always nice to see the Nationals points number make people break out the calculators. One of the factos we consider when deciding a points level is giving gamers the chance to try new things and TO&E’s. I thought 1420 would be more difficult, as it’s enough points to start getting the shinies but not enough (usually) to field a whole bunch of them. As a long-time tourney player, I also look for lists and points that I would find challenging.

David Griffin

David's Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Polk

I play all four major nationalities, but I always fall back on my first love: Cossacks. These rare and valuable units always create havoc on the battlefield, whether winning or losing, and add spice to the games. 1420 points was a challenge, in that I had to choose which of my standard units would be cut and which would be trimmed but still be able to maintain the offensive punch needed.

I decided to stay with the standard unit from Red Bear instead of upgrading to the new digital list, just so I could eke out a few more stands. Units to fall to the floor included my T-34s and Heavy mortars – hard choices to make. 


I trimmed my usual main Cossack unit to 13 stands, which allowed me to add four 37mm anti-aircraft guns to help keep the Stukas at bay, always an issue with this many soft, large bases running around. ZIS-2/3’s will keep the medium tanks honest with 12 guns, 32” range and volley fire. The ZIS-2/3s also have the cavalry wagon ability, which means I can move them as needed to take advantage of openings. Heavier armour will be kept honest with the planes, hopefully allowing my cavalry the ability to manoeuvre into a strong position to either defend or assault from. I also like the fact that being all cavalry I can dismount to engage a lone tank or mount up and escape from an entire platoon. 

Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Polk

The second list is a Panzerspähkompanie from Grey Wolf. Fielding nine Pumas and four 8-rads I will be able to control certain areas of the board right from the start. Their fast movement and decent firepower will hopefully cause units to spend time chasing them, or at least create disruption by stopping units deploying where they want to.

The Pioneers and 88s can create a strongpoint to defend the 10.5s and allow the artillery time to go to work on the enemy. StuGs can engage medium tanks, infantry or guns as the Pumas lift GTG, or engage the flanks. Last but not least are my observers in their Panzer II OP’s – “Tiny Tigers”; they have a great history of turning the tide by themselves simply by being nasty little buggers that refuse to die.


This is a list that takes a lot of confidence in manoeuvring and lines of sight, and with 11 platoons they keep swinging.

~ David 

Matthew Maggitti's Panzerkampfgruppe Wallenberg

The Wallenberg Night Fighters from Nachtjäger allow for a potentially devastating First Strike.

Rules of Note: 

  • As Night Fighters, you can force a Night Attack and Always Attacks.  If you are the attacker, the game starts in Darkness and uses the Dawn rules.
  • Infrared-equipped Night Fighters may make a Spearhead special movement at the beginning of the game.
  • Infrared equipped troops (the Panther Gs and the Panzersturm platoons) roll an extra d6 while rolling on the night vision table.
  • ‘Uhu’ SD Kfz 251/20 halftracks w/ Infrared spotlights can illuminate (in infrared!) targets up to 24” away and are a 5 point add on to the Panther G platoons. Friendly infrared-equipped forces count as having rolled an automatic ‘6’ (24” range) on the night vision table when shooting at the illuminated target.
Panzerkampfgruppe Wallenberg

The Components: 

  • Infrared-equipped Panther G Tanks comprise your HQ and combat platoons.
  • Your army is Reluctant Veteran, so you are getting a bit of a price break on veteran troops. But the small squad sizes come with the risk of blown morale checks.
  • The Panzersturm Platoons have Infrared-equipped Panzerfaust Assault Rifle teams mounted on Infrared-equipped SD Kfz 251/1D halftracks make a mobile rapid fire assault force that can engage almost any foe. The halftracks give them mobility, protection, and 16” machine gun fire to complement the 8” ROF 3 assault rifles.
  • The Panzersturm Heavy Platoon is there for flexibility. The halftracks provide heavy mortars and heavy guns on mobile platforms. The heavies can either act as one unit or make combat attachments to your Panzersturm platoons. They don’t have infrared, but they can benefit from the Spearhead move and provide extra punch to your Panzersturm platoons.
Put It All Together:


  • With your limited but powerful and mobile resources, this army is all about bringing the fight where you want to take it.
  • The night fight gives you a massive advantage for a variable amount of turns until dawn breaks. You need to deal enough damage so that when Dawn arrives the enemy’s numerical superiority isn’t a factor any more.
  • Your spearhead move gives your units (your whole army if you made combat attachments) practically a free movement phase.  Use it to close within shooting distance of selected enemy targets.
  • Your two Uhu halftracks automatically illuminate two targets at 24” range. Any infrared troops within 24” see the target (which still counts as concealed).
  • If your Spearhead move got you within range, you can unleash your full rate of fire without moving.  Alternatively, you can move up in your movement phase so your weapons have range on the enemy.
  • Be careful with the Panzersturm platoons. They have a shorter range than your Panther Gs and are more fragile. They can dish out a lot of firepower if in the right spot, though.
  • After dishing out some damage you can assess the situation and make a judgement call. Remember your opponent is suffering from limited vision during this Night Fight. Do you use your Stormtrooper move to move up and consolidate some ground? Or do you melt back into the shadows leaving your opponents wondering where the shots came from?
  • In the first couple turns, if an opponent has left units unprotected, you can smash them before the enemy closes to within night fighting distance.
  • If the enemy ‘turtles up’ during deployment, you can pick off the edges and seize your choice of ground.


Panzerkampfgruppe Wallenberg

In summary, this is a fun trick army that lends itself to an aggressive, opportunistic style of play that can take advantage of changes on the battlefield.

~ Matthew

Brian Sayman

Brian Sayman's Schwere Panzerkompanie

Brian's list from Bridge at Remagen shows that 1420 points still allows room for some real heavy armour. When David asked him for some comments on his list, Brian proved that he is a man of few words (when he wants to be!) Fair enough - this is a list which pretty much speaks for itself. Brian's succinct analysis is as follows:

  • I always defend
  • 3 King Tigers!
~ Brian
Schwere Panzerkompanie (506.)
Schwere Panzerkompanie (506.)